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How can we help you to remind your customers?
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Health Care

Reminder Time (RT HEALTHCARE) can help you to reduce significantly, the number of missed appointments or DNA's (did not attend). By not only allowing you to remind your patients about appointments but giving them the chance to respond (2 way reminders) they can keep you informed of what they want to do.
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Property Management

Reminder Time (RT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT) is all about keeping things running smoothly when it comes to contractors. Its unique 3 way reminder messaging gives busy landlords a quick and easy way of coordinating contractor visits with tenant availability. No need to spend hours on the phone trying to get each person to agree a time convenient for all.
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Estate Agencies

Getting a buyer to see a house can be difficult yet ultimately rewarding. Reminder Time (RT PROPERTY RETAIL) helps to bring buyer and seller together more easily. You can remind a buyer of an imminent viewing and give them the opportunity to reschedule. You can remind a vendor to make those all important last minute preparations. Put an end to wasted trips for your staff.
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Reminder Time (RT EDUCATION) can help reduce truancy levels by keeping parents informed. Schools and colleges can also use Reminder Time�s predefined templates to send out broadcasts on weather issues, upcoming events or more sensitive subjects like bullying. With the latter, Reminder Time can use secure ID to ensure that discretion is kept throughout the process.
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Kept appointments are the life blood of some businesses and a full or empty appointment book can make or break you. Reminder Time can help you keep that book full whether you run a hair or beauty salon, garage, or restaurant.
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Local Government

Keeping your community informed of important news and changes to services can be an expensive affair. Reminder Time (RT LOCAL GOVERNMENT) is ideal for getting the message across quickly and effectively. Disruption to refuse services? a local library closed for refurbishment? Its easy to program and send messages quickly.
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